Pharrell Williams Brings A Little Happiness In New Single

08/02/2014 16:19


Pharrell Williams is back with the new single "Happy" which serves as the lead single off the soundtrack to the motion picture Despicable Me 2. Williams also composed the music for the first Despicable movie back in 2010 and earned critical acclaim for it. Weather you are on the beach, in your convertible or on a barbecue, "Happy" is simply irresistible with it's Motown feel and distinctive summer vibes, the memorable lyrics deliver in sheer brilliance and makes you wanna sing a long, a key feature in making a hit record. And a hit is what it is, after the singles December release it has already soared up the top ten on the US, Europe and Oceania charts, making it one of Williams biggest hits.
The innocent lyrics are also a big plus and sounds refreshing to hear, but then after all, it's a childrens tune. If Williams continues in the same lane he will establish himself as a front runner in R&B and Neo Soul.