Jennifer Lopez Promises She's Still The 'Same Girl'

07/02/2014 17:56
Being a global superstar is though, especially if you have to convince everyone that you are still the same girl from the block even though you have made millions of dollars and now are driving around in expensive cars on South Beach, wearing Gucci. This has always been the case for Jennifer Lopez who was born and raised in a poor neighborhood in South Bronx, New York but shot to super-stardom after playing Selena in the movie with the same name in 1997. With songs such as "Jenny from the Block" and the Murder Remix of "I'm Real" the singer has always been eager to cater to the people she grew up with ensuring she "knows where she came from" although her attempts have not always been taken seriously.
On the new single "Same Girl" from her upcoming yet-untitled eight studio effort Lopez once again promises the American Dream hasn't changed her ways. The song is written by Lopez and Hollywood bad-boy Chris Brown and produced by Antwan "Amadeus" Thompson, Charles Stephens and Ryan Tedder. Although the track offers some nice hip hop beats - a welcomed creative return for Lopez whose last album was mainly pop - there's nothing new here. In fact, during a recent appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, J.Lo herself poked fun at the songs lyrics stating: "It goes like this; same girl, same girl, same girl and [...] yeah, that's how the song goes".
The official video for the single premiered last month and shows Lopez on the streets of her old neighborhood as a spontaneous homage. In an interview with Complex magazine the singer stated: "This was probably the craziest thing I've done in my career of music and movies". She explained: "I called my girlfriends and some photographer friends. We just grabbed a camera, jumped on the train, left the city and ran around the Bronx".
Check out Lopez album dropping later this year.